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Annual Read-A-Thon

Your Donation is Tax Deductible!

Don't forget that you can deduct your Read-a-Thon donation on your taxes. Sponsors can use the Kelly PTA Tax ID # 33-0028210 for tax-deductible donations!

Annual Read-A-Thon

The Read-a-Thon is a 2-week long, school-wide program that encourages children to read more. We are excited for this new program. As with all PTA donations, 100% of the proceeds will be used for the children. Please help us reach our goal of $6,000!


So what counts for reading? Any time your child spends reading outside school. This includes individual reading time, and being read to aloud. Homework reading done outside school also counts toward the Read-a-Thon!


What do you need to do to participate?


First, set up the child's personal Read-a-Thon fundraising page using the link below. Just follow the instructions on the screen to register and get set up. Call 888-598-7510 if you need help.


Click here to the Kelly Read-a-Thon fundraising page


Second, send an email directly their fundraising page to your friends and family. This will enable them to donate money for your child's participation and commitment to read the daily minimum number of minutes for their grade. We are hoping each child can raise $25. Please share your child's fundraising efforts via Facebook, Twitter and email directly from your child's fundraising page. It will give you this option, if you wish, once your child is registered.


Third, have your child track his.her reading using the reading log for each week. Write down the minutes read on the Read-a-Thon reading log that came home in your child's Read-a-Thon folder.


Lastly, REMIND your child to bring it to school every day for the daily raffle!

Prize Tiers

BONUS! Every prize tier also includes the items from the lower tiers!

  1. $5 raised - Reading Pencil
  2. $10 raised - I LOVE READING bracelet
  3. $15 raised - Reading Rubber Ducky
  4. $20 raised - Book Squishy
  5. $25 raised - I LOVE READING backpack
  6. $50 raised - Kelly Read-a-Thon t-shirt
  7. $99 raised - Honored at the Kelly Carnival on October 21. Also includes a card for a FREE Pizza slice, plus a chance to win: Kindle, book set, desk lamp, book light, or gift card!

Forms and Flyers

Questions and Answers

Q: What are the dates of the Read-a-Thon?

A: October 9-20. Reading done before or after these dates is terrific, but is not counted toward the Read-a-Thon. The Pledge Star website fundraising will begin after the kickoff assembly on October 6, and be fore for 10 days after the closing date of October 20.


Q: What Does my child need to do to participate in the Read-a -Thon?

A: Log into your child's Read-a-Thon page, keep track of the time he or she spends reading on the Read-a-thon, and solicit donations. While it is not a requirement for participation, we encourage your child to solicit donations for their reading.


Q: My child cannot yet read on his or her own, can my child still participate?

A; Yes! Parents, guardians, siblings and other family members may read aloud to or along with your child. This reading time counts towards minutes read.


Q: What counts for reading?

A: Any time your child spends reading outside of school from October 9 to Friday, October 20. This includes individual reading time and being read to aloud. Homework reading done outside of school time can be counted toward the Read-A-Thon! Achieve 3000, Scholastic News, or TFK magazines, Kindle books, Raz-Kids or any other online reading counts as well!


Q: Do I need special forms for the Read-a-Thon?

A; Yes, you will receive a Read-A-Thon reading log to track minutes read, as well as information to access the Read-a-Thon fundraising page. Please be sure to fill out the weekly chart on the top to track total minutes for per minute pledges, and prizes for the most minutes read per class.


Q: Whom should my child ask to be a sponsor?

A: Sponsors can be parents, relatives, neighbors -- anyone who has a connection to your child, would like to support his or her reading, and would like to support our school.


Q: How much money should a sposnsor donate?

A: That is up to the sponsor. Sponsors can give a flat donation for the 2 weeks, or sponsor the child for meeting daily minum minutes read. We are hoping that each child can set a goal of $25.


Q: How is the money collected from teh sponsors?

A: Donations can be made via credit card directly on the Kelly Read-A-Thon fundraising page. If a sponsor chooses to write a check, then will get the information on how to proceed on the website. The Read-a-Thon will end of Friday, October 20, but the fundraising page will remain open for 10 days after the end of the Read-a-Thon.


Q: Are donations tax-deductible?

A; Yes they are! Sponsors can use the Kelly PTA Tax ID # 33-0028210 for tax-deductible donations!